on location

The starting place for all recordings, where we provide both engineering and producing services.

The recording sessions are the starting place for all recordings; because the acoustic surrounding is an essential part of the recording, in order to get an open, natural and immersive sound, it is extremely important to choose the right venue, which should suite the performers, the instruments and the style of music. It is worth, then, putting enough time into finding the appropriate venue.

We provide both engineering and producing services, which means that not only we look after the microphone selection and location and all the technical matters, but also guide and advice the artists through the sessions, helping them achieve their full potential, making certain that the repertoire is recorded to the highest possible standard, and taking all the notes needed for the following editing process.

Noqué Studio also provides top quality audio recording of a live performance, with as minimal intrusion as possible for the audience. A finished CD with edited and faded beginnings and endings can be provided if requested.