& Mixing

A complex process which produces a coherent performance, showing the best of the artist.

Once the recording sessions have taken place, and with the notes taken during them, an edit plan is established, which usually leads to approximately 60-80 hours of editing time for a standard-length CD. We usually work on a first edit on our own, which is then sent to the performers for further editing, but the whole editing process can also be done in conjunction with them.

Editing is a very complex process which requires musical and technical skills, making sure that the general feel and sense of the piece of music being performed is not lost, producing a coherent performance, which shows the best of the artist, and making it sound as there were no edits at all.

When a project has been recorded with more than a pair of microphones (if the whole project has been recorded “multitrack”, if “spot” microphones have been used, or if the project has been recorded in surround and a stereo version is required), a mixing is required after the editing process is completed, assembling all elements into the final product, which may be conventional stereo, multi-channel / surround, or both.
Usually the mixing process is done digitally, but we also offer the possibility of mixing in analog, using a fantastic analog summing box custom made for us by Rens Heijnis.