About us

Noqué Studio’s philosophy is to capture accurately the unique essence of each performance,
creating an engaging recording which involves the listener in it.

Noqué Studio specializes in on location recording services of classical music in Spain and the rest of Europe, offering the highest quality and a rewarding production by combining the use of state-of-the-art equipment, the right choice of the recording locations and an inspiring and supporting atmosphere for the musicians.

Our full range of services includes producing, recording, editing, mixing and mastering for regular CD or Super Audio CD, working in high resolution (PCM up to DXD & 384KHz, and DSD up to 11.2MHz), both in stereo and surround.

We are enthusiastic about making music recordings, and our philosophy lies in finding the ultimate transparency and capturing the holographic attribute of the performance and the acoustical environment: the nature of the acoustical space is something the composers have historically consider an integral part of the composition itself, and therefore we refrain whenever possible from close microphones set-ups and dry studios. We always work with the idea of making the listener believe that a real event is taking place in an actual acoustic space in mind: there lies the secret of a moving recording.

Founded by Gonzalo Noqué and María José Belotto, Noqué Studio also produces selected albums for its own record label: Eudora Records.