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About us

Noqué Studio’s philosophy is to capture accurately the unique essence of each performance,
creating an engaging recording which involves the listener in it.

We have one aim in mind: offering classical music recording of the highest quality, selecting the right recording location and using the proper technical equipment. Our full range of services includes producing, recording, editing, mixing and mastering for regular CD or Super Audio CD, working in high resolution (PCM up to DXD & 384KHz, and DSD up to 11.2MHz), both in stereo and surround. Since 2014, Noqué Studio also produces SACD stereo and surround productions for its own label: Eudora Records.
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A selection of our equipment
Sonodore LDM-54 & RCM-402, Reso/Gefell M102, Pearl CC22, Schoeps CMC64 (Rens Heijnis modified), Neuman U89i (Rens Heijnis modified), Samar Audio AL95, Line Audio CM3, Neumann KM184
Monitors & Speakers
Dutch & Dutch 8c monitors, Sennheiser HD800S and Hifiman HE1000SE headphones
Preamplifier & Converter
Merging Technologies Horus (microphone preamplifier and AD/DA converter, up to 40 channels, 44.1 to 384KHz sample rates, DXD/DSD64/128/256, additional 64 MADI I/O and LTC/MTC/Video Reference), Merging Anubis Premium
Pyramix Virtual Studio (Masscore and Native), Ircam Verb reverberation plug-in (up to 384KHz and 8 channels).
Analog Summing
Rens Heijnis custom made analog summing box
Bricasti M7 Reverb Processor, D.A.V. BG3 Mastering EQ, Lake People DAT RS 05 resampler and reclocker, Vovox, Grimm, Gotham and Mogami cables, Manfrotto stands
"An enriching experience at all levels: the best recording quality and a wonderful human team behind."
Enrique Bagaría —piano
Press reviews
"This SACD will confirm that the engineers at this label have achieved some rare feng shui. The sound of the perfectly-recorded piano fills the room in which one is positioned three rows back, dead center."
» Audiophile Audition
"This is a demonstration quality recording. Eudora label owner Gonzalo Noqué is committed to the highest quality, DSD-based recordings and this release is evidence of his success. He captures a 1957 Steinway D in a moderately-sized performance space with such amazing tonal naturalness and dynamics coupled with an ideal blend of direct and hall sound."
» Fanfare Magazine
"A splendid set of performances which could almost be regarded as authoritative for the Sor sonatas, captured with startling realism in 5.0 high-resolution sound."
John Miller » SA-CD.net
"The recording quality is absolutely excellent."
Siebe Riedstra » Opusklassiek.nl
"Recorded in a stunningly natural surround sound."
Remy Frank » Pizzicato
"Recording of the highest quality. Simply, sound is amazingly natural and full of detail."
John Miller » SA-CD.net
"The warmth and closeness of the recording is admirable."
Pablo J. Vayón » Scherzo
"This recording takes the prize for best recorded Steinway D piano in my collection. The sound is crystal clear, capturing every nuance of the performance. […]I am so in love with this piano sound that every other record company recording piano music needs to contract their recording services to Mr. Noqué and allow him to apply his magic for them."
Mark Novak » HRAudio.net
"Noqué Studio provides a sound standard built upon a structure of well thought methods"
Petrit Çeku —guitar
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